Queen of Instagram

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    This article I will devote an incredible girl, singer, actress and just a wonderful person Selena Gomez. Frankly, I'm a big fan of her.She is so feminine, stylish, elegant. Her music certainly inspires everyone and especially her quote which recently helps me move on and never stop "If you are broken you don't have to stay broken." She's so sincere. Her tears make her heart shudder even in those who are far from her music. She is like a sister to every girl, like a daughter to those who are older, a beloved for every  man. She is a girl with a big heart, beautiful appearance and sincere soul. A rare combination when a good person achieving success remains open no matter what. 
   Gomez has the world’s most popular account on Instagram—110 million followers and counting—but she’s trying to post less. “It had become so consuming.”
  The Texas native was raised by a single mother who was sixteen when Gomez was born. Landing a role on Barney & Friends launched her career as a child star. 

Let's enjoy the gorgeous photo shoot for Vogue Magazine (US) April 2017


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