"MUST HAVE" of the spring wardrobe 2017

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Hey hey everyone on this warm spring day. At last, in Ukraine, it was spring. So warm, windless, blooming and just beautiful. (Write in the comments if you feel the arrival of spring and how you have the weather). Today I will tell you about a few things that every fashionista should have for the spring of 2017. If you are interested, keep reading ♥.

I managed to select things that should be included in the fashionable wardrobe of the spring of 2017 and which clearly fall under the definition of "MUST HAVE".

Must have spring wardrobe 2017 № 1 - beige trench!

Beige trench is an eternal classic and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, it's Burberry and style as it is. I included him in the list of the basic things of the women's wardrobe and did not expect to see beige trench coats, and even in such assortment, on street women of fashion and jackasset, on those who ask the most that neither is the trendy tone.

The only difference between the beige trench 2017 and its earlier versions is that most fashionists choose to oversize.

"Must have" wardrobe in the spring of 2017 - clothes in a cage and tweed.

I watch the collections of the fall-winter season 2017-2018 and I declare with all responsibility: everything that the cells are concerned with is just beginning. I propose not to follow the trend, but to lead it, and start to wear all this variety in the spirit of good old England right now.

Fuchsia-colored clothes.

If the likelihood that fuchsia will crush you with your expressiveness is high, choose not a very saturated shade or just buy shoes of this color.

Blown jackets.

This winter, quilted coats have become fashionable, and in early spring they will be replaced by no less voluminous jackets. I'm pretty sure that in autumn 2017 these cozy coats will not lose their relevance, so if you need a jacket, the blown jacket will fit perfectly.

Most often under a down jacket, a blanket is worn by a turtleneck. Pay attention to how street fashionistas wear jackets and unobtrusively show the neckline.

Black color.

Black and white are regulars of spring and summer shows, but on the streets of New York, London and Milan we saw only images collected on the principle of "black + black."

White shirt.

Firstly, the white shirt is beautiful. And still very feminine and fresh.
A white blouse goes to all women without exception, regardless of the constitution, age, views on life, religion, etc.

To a white blouse it is extremely easy to choose a "bottom": by and large, a skirt or trousers can be any. (By the way, I even want to make a separate article about a white shirt. What do you think of such an idea?)

 Clothes made of velvet.

Velvet came into fashion quite recently - in the fall of 2016, and this fabric is not going to surrender its positions.

In the spring of 2017 from velvet everything is fashionable, beginning with evening dresses and ending with sports suits and jacket-bombers.


More recently fashionistas showed bare ankles even in winter, now they often wear socks and knee socks under shoes.

 ♥ Be in a trend ♥


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