Back to the 70th

by - 12:03 PM

You just can not imagine how I like vintage things. Today I chose jeans flares in the style of the 70's. Fashionable jeans flare in 2017 very clearly and unequivocally arrange the right accents, which easily allow you to look actual. Such fashionable jeans turn the most ordinary looks into stylish and expressive. It is important only to pick a pair of figures and good things-companions. Moreover, there are many variants of such models, and it is not difficult to find "one's own".

 The question is whether jeans flare in fashion in 2017, can be considered rhetorical. Certainly, they are fashionable and are considered a key part of the looks in several actual styles: "hippie-chic", bohemian or non-trivial city. The ideal model in this case will be jeans of rich shades and an excellent fit around the waist and hips.

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