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Hello, dear reader. Every day I post  articles about fashion but today I want to diversify and tell you about fashion trends of makeup. Since this is also not unimportant. So, I present to you

The  Main tendencies of make-up that can not be avoided in 2017.

 It's time for strong women: loud statements from the podium and in make-up - no half measures. In 2017 will have to learn to draw and find the courage to something radically new. It seemed that boldly - this is the red eye makeup, which came into vogue last fall, but no. This year this trend smoothly flowed into even more wild.

Ruddy whiskey

 You can give yourself back to 1980 with complete dedication, as in Kenzo shows, choosing a rich red and blurring line between shadows and blushes, or you can just place light accents pink on the sides of the forehead and the outer edge of the cheekbones. But the color should be visible, otherwise it does not count.

 Chanel 2017

Color lines on the eyelids 

Arming ourselves with a full palette of bright colors and inspired by Kandinsky and Mondrian. Draw graphic lines, arcs and chaotic strokes. You can use a stencil or give vent to fantasy, thickness and shape do not matter, most importantly - a rich color in tone of clothes or complementary to the color of the eyes. Makeup artists of the spring shows Max Mara, Emilio Pucci and Versus have made it clear that the shadows disappear, and now at noon you can appear on the street with two bright dashes above your eyes, designed to become the main looks accent. 

 Emilio Pucci, Versus, Ports 1961 2017

Moist shine 

 The moist effect on the skin looks sexy, but naturally. The light plays on the bends, emphasizing not only a snub nose and chiseled cheekbones, but also elegant collarbones, a thin neck and cubes of the press. Choose a means not with friable textures, but with gel, and then a smooth skin with a seductive brilliance is guaranteed to you.



For those who do not have enough highlighter and shimmer makeup artists are advised to use glitter. It can be applied to cheekbones, eyelids, under the eyebrow and even on the cheeks in the manner of freckles - shine, so shine!

Natural eyebrows

 Forget about the tattoo, try not to use tweezers and certainly no pencil. In fashion, natural eyebrows, slightly combed up. Given the eternal trend of nude look, it is natural expressive eyebrows that perfectly fit into the natural look.

How to give the eyebrows a shape: to make the eyebrows look natural and even slightly careless, brush the hair along the growth line and slightly point them up.

Graphic arrows

 The fashion for graphical lines spread to the arrows. For makeup artists, eyeliner - as a brush for artists, where the flight of fantasy is not limited to any frames. The shooter during the fashion shows was not just a lot, but incredibly much: different colors, shapes and sizes. True, in real life to realize all the crazy ideas of makeup artists is unlikely to work.

  Lip gloss

 Lip gloss once became a discovery in the beauty world, but in recent years, he has noticeably surrendered his position. Makeup artists once again give him a well-deserved place. How else? After all, it is he who is able to give the lips extra volume and seductiveness.

 And which trend did you like more?
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