Moto Jackets

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A small black dress, shoes and a leather jacket are things that do not lose their relevance for decades. Today I decided to remember the latter for several reasons: it will not get wet in the rain, wear it with a voluminous sweater or hoodie - it's a pleasure.

And, of course, the duck is in fashion: the classic Valentino or the avant-garde Balenciaga, the minimalist Louis Vuitton or with the picture Off -White, it will look cool with shortened jeans and a dress on the floor, with heels or sneakers. A scoop will decorate you in any situation - whether you are going to a party, adding an image with wine lipstick, or walking around on a Sunday morning, carelessly laying your hair in the style of "I'm awake".

 I suggest to see my selection of perfect Moto jackets

 Victoria Beckham
 Louis Vuitton

 Alexander McQueen

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