Kiss from The Hardkiss

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  Hi everybody . I apologize for the fact that yesterday did not post the article. But what happened yesterday is simply impossible to convey in words.

 So today we do not go much away from the theme of fashion but not far and I will talk about one of the Ukrainian groups and its soloist. Why am I telling you this?Because yesterday was one of the best days in the last two months. I had the opportunity to get to the concert one of the most popular and 100 percent of the coolest and unreal group of Ukraine-THE HARDKISS.I hurt my back, legs, neck and sat down voice. But all this costs those emotions, the positive and energy that I received in 2 hours. We came in an hour to take the first rows. Power, perseverance and zeal made our own and the entire concert we were right next to the artists. What else to say when you are influenced by music and people's energy. All this was unforgettable. I advise everyone to listen to their songs.

Several photos from the concert. Sorry for the quality.

 Well, now let's focus on our favorite fashion theme with you. I'll tell you about the style of the soloist of the band The Hardkiss. The name of this beautiful girl is Julia Sanina. A beauty with a magical, soulful voice, The HARDKISS soloist Julia Sanina, along with her husband, is raising a newly born son, performing regularly with concerts and sitting on the jury of a popular talent show. Traditionally, the appearance of Sanina is handled by her stylist Slava Chaika, who, along with hairdresser Vitaly Datsyuk, who give vent to fantasy to the fullest. At each concert, her image is radically different from the previous ones. Sanina also often chooses for concert performances the backgammon of young Ukrainian designers - Nadi Dzyak, Ivanova, Bekh and Bicholla.

 I propose to look at my selection of images that vpceatlili me most, they are all different, bright and sometimes even crazy.


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