Leggings with t-shirt

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 We dress just like "on the train"

 How to wear leggings? The thing, frankly, is ambiguous - not every figure will flatter. To put them on, you need courage. Dakota Johnson has plenty of it - she wears leggings "in the open," with a short T-shirt and slaps, just like "a girl on the train." Long legs allow you to do without a skirt. Sienna Miller is also not shy and even takes a new height. Who said that leopard leggings are worn only by vulgar saleswomen? Hollywood actresses, multiple nominees for the BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, too. Sienne predatory coloring is very good. Take the stellar examples for a note.


Picking leggings to a T-shirt, it is important to observe the balance: there must be something bright. Simple sports leggings "3 stripes" will diversify a T-shirt with a surreal print and slaps with an application in the form of a violet.


 A voluminous black T-shirt with a graphics photoprint and Cyrillic philosophizing can be safely combined with a leopard (like Sienna Miller). Shoes let it be eccentric, match the animal print.

 And a little about the details: to the karol-colored T-shirt with chaotic draperies choose smooth black leggings, but not simple, but with strips. Scarlet slaps for the pool will complement the outfit

 Three pairs of leggings for the season you just do not have enough, you need more. Here's another - for all occasions and types of figures. Simple black leggings - for everyone, draped colors of fuchsia - only for thin people.

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