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Good evening. My name is Anastasia I am 16 years old, I was born and live in Ukraine and from that day on I'm starting to run their online diary about fashion.
Fashion - is an art, religion and work, consisting in terms of talent and man's inner world. This is a glimpse into a person's personality, seeing in it a fashion particles. The speed with which changes its fashion trends, is simply amazing. Keep up with it - the lot is not everyone. I also remember as a child when my mother went to the store I tried on her dress, shoes and even tried to find the right accessories. About half a year ago I was so fascinated by the topic that a lot of statte reread, revised the incredible number of times and I have not lumped little experience in this area.
Just want to say that an inherent part of my life are traveling. Any significant event is reflected in our memory:)
. We may forget the details of the difficulties we faced, but bright and genuine emotion forever remain in our pamyati.Net nothing in the world more beautiful home. And no matter what amazing places we have not visited, no matter how many incredible miracles are not met on our way, the spirit of his native land always make back home. But each is a condition when you want to pack their bags and go as far as possible to escape from everyday life, a change of scenery, and the fact there are various reasons.
We ourselves invent problems, obstacles, systems and frameworks, free yourself - breathe life and understand that you can do anything!
I hope my article will be useful for everyone, and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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