Christian Dior 2017/2018

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"Of all the colors only navy can compete with black, maintaining its advantages," - wrote Christian Dior in "Little dictionary of fashion" and that the phrase Maria Grazia Currie chose a motto for their first autumn and winter at the post of creative director of Dior. The Italian has consistently and carefully studying the legacy of Monsieur Dior, treats him with respect, but do not nostalgic, blindly copying files.

Currie, in turn, looked at the dark blue as one of the main colors in the painting of the twentieth century. "It is he who gives emotional depth and works by Chagall, Picasso and Cezanne", - says the designer. She started with a collection of denim - material that, while not worked Dior, but which are inseparably connected with the blue and all its shades. By a wide baggy jeans, classic suits and jackets work she picked up a very French in mood and appearance accessories - leather berets, neat bows and chokers with pumps, from under which could see a black fine mesh stockings.

However, not only dark blue reminiscent of Christian Dior, but also one more important detail - cut a lot of things sent to the idea of toilet Chevrier couture autumn-winter collection 1949. His silhouette with a large hood resembles a priest clothes and Currie has written a masterful Chervier in the modern history of Christian Dior.

It ended the show traditionally series of evening dresses, which 95% were dark blue. At their creation Currie mainly used taffeta and velvet, and also has not forgotten about embroidery. As with the debut collection for Christian Dior, it gave preference to space characters - the stars, the Moon, comets and planets.
"The splendor of the blue -. In the emotions that it generates, and its social role he fits all regardless of gender, age and social status" - sure Currie and can not agree with it.

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