Bella Hadid Style

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A Bella Hadid-Inspired Sporty Casual Look 

   Bella Hadid has sneaked into the top of the list of the best dressed Misses in the world for a reason. She is cautious and modest and still manages to create an impression on the fashion world and make all the flashes point at her when leaving an event. As Gigi’s younger sister, she decided to follow her steps and it is a total pleasure to follow her own journey. Bella has the right amount of everything and she dazzles paparazzi with her looks everyday in whatever corner of the globe she might be. Bella who only signed with the IMG models in 2014, has a very varied image and likes to play around with the current trends in a very chic way.

  I have selected Bella’s best looks through-out the last months.

 Now that we have gone through a bunch of ideal outfits and very stylish looks worn by the model, why not get inspired by them and aiming for a similar look?
So here is this perfect Bella Hadid-inspired look. Featuring sports and active gear as a main fashion motive.

 1. Paco Rabanne Top 2. Armani Jeans City Bag 3. Adidas Trousers 4. Adidas Hoodie 5. OMG! Sandalette

 Images via Pinterest, Elle, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar




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