Fashionable Shoes Spring-Summer 2017

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Hello friends .
Today I chose to blog is very interesting and I think that the topic of concern to many. What kind of shoes in the trend?
Specially prepared for you today the first part of this article.

Many designers collections in the same pair of shoes intersect several fashion trends. For example, in the shoes of the spring-summer collection of Givenchy in 2017 and you can see a sharp toe, and straps, and decor.

1.Acute sock on fashion boots, boots, shoes and sandals.
Shoes with pointed toe - this is probably the most popular trend in fashion footwear spring-summer season 2017. Do not apply it only in flip-flops, sandals and sneakers.

Stylish ankle boots Louis Vuitton

Trendy boots Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2017 in the photo on the left is made of two different kinds of skin - calf and snakes.

Acute toe on fashionable boots and shoes Louis Vuitton

I do not know how is called shoes from Givenchy SS 2017 - neither shoes nor boots nor Clog I could not classify them. But I know for sure that spring and summer socks, stockings and tights colored ladies will include many outfits.

Fashionable shoes by Givenchy

These shoes are like Laufer, but the heel are shaped wine glasses.At the same time it does not shoes and fashion boots by Loewe.

Trendy boots Loewe

The outfit in the style of Boho fashion can be completed in the spring and summer of 2017 a huge bag. Fashionable mules and shoes from Marni Spring-Summer 2017 also have a sharp toe.

Fashion boots and bag Loewe

Fashionable mules and shoes from Marni Spring-Summer 2017 also have a sharp toe.

Fashion Shoes Spring-Summer 2017

2. Watch straps and laces.
Shoes with laces with ribbons can be considered the second most popular trend of the spring and summer of 2017.

High boots, stockings lace spring 2017 by Versace

Fashion sandals and shoes from Valentino 2017

Once put on the tights sandals were considered a sign of poverty: it is logical to assume that a woman can not buy seasonal footwear, and not to get cold, put on tights for sandals.

3. Fashionable shoes wedges and platform.
Wedge - two in one: the heel and sole.

Fashionable shoes Wedge Botega Venetta SS 2017

Trendy sandals from Mary Katrantzou Spring and summer are advised to wear socks.

Sandals Wedge Mary Katrantzou

So look spectacular sandals wedges from Balmain.

Sandals Balmain Spring-Summer 2017

I hope that you have found a useful information and be sure to wait for the second part tomorrow, because it's not all trends spring - summer 2017 shoes.
Kiss, Love. ♥

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