Ideal hoodies for the spring

by - 9:12 AM

 For several years, hoodies have tightly secured the title of the most comfortable clothing for all ages. You can take it from the boyfriend, but you can pick up any model for your style. I present to your attention the most fashionable hoodies and sweets of 2017, which will definitely become one of the most important trends of this season.

 Celebrities simply adore the hoodies for their practicality and versatility.

Today fashion houses offer to combine hoodies not only in a sporting style, but also dress with jeans, leather shorts and trousers, a pencil skirt and others. 

Hoods are shortened and elongated, they can be found not only from fleece, but also in a more glamorous form of cashmere and denim.

 I also picked up some budget hoodies. Links to which I leave under each photo.

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