Minimalism in clothes

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Minimalism in clothes: a spectacular way, without unnecessary details 

     Hey) .Today's talk about minimalism in clothes
The fashion for minimalism was born not today, not even in the '60s, when he fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy.

     Ethnic origins lie in the style of oriental philosophy of Japan, and the western analogue minimalist style of the early conduct of Coco Chanel in the 20s of last century, began to reduce the usual amount of female costume parts. 

   Now on the catwalks and in shops there are many collections of things made in minimalism style, and not easy to distinguish the influence of the eastern to the western minimalism, and do not need. The main thing is that you and I can enjoy this wonderful style, giving the holiday look and are quite capable of playing the role of a sedative. 
 Minimalist style in clothes correlated with styles  futurism and oversize

      Minimalism inherent in clothes:

  •  concise clear cut, straight lines, or, on the contrary, soft volumes;
  • monochrome, two-color scale rarely;smooth matte high-tech materials;
  • unusual silhouettes;
    or at least the absence of details: buttons, frills, graphics, applications, pockets, pleats, collars, cuffs;
  • available as a single item, or a combination of several, multi-layered.

     Minimalism is closely intertwined with two other styles of clothing - oversize and futurism. Sometimes, it is difficult to separate one from the other, the same set of clothes can hold in all these styles.
 Minimalist style so loved by many for its ease and glamor

    Minimalism in clothes suitable for people with any type of figure and appearance, the main thing to choose the right shape and harmonious color combinations.

 Daytime natural makeup and simple hairstyle is suitable for minimalist image: smooth node or a low pony tail, braid hairstyle, including an unusual volume or asymmetry.
 Jewellery for women in the style of minimalism

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