Get Ready For Summer With Polina Park

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With summer just around the corner, famous for the whole world Ukrainian model and blogger Polina Park shares her tips for getting yourself ready for the beach.

Do you have any beauty secrets to getting bikini-body ready?

Unfortunately, I don't have any beauty secrets, but I would be glad to share it. You have to move a lot, do something you love. The best way for both losing weight and for ordinary life is suitable for intuitive nutrition. When you want to sleep you have to go to bed, when you want to eat you go and eat. You need to think about what you are doing and not about what I want to eat or when. Because of the fact that we have a division into harmful and useful food, we certainly want more harmful. We eat what we do not want. You need to eat only when you want. If you want to eat cheesecake at 1 am, eat. Advice from me is more vegetables, fruits and movements.  

What are your top fitness tips?
Yoga. It's really cool. Soothes the body and the brain. After yoga I'm just like a rag, completely alive. Yoga always gives me strength, I relax. It also gives plasticity to the body. And if you exercise regularly, you can lose weight.

What are your beach-bag essentials?

A book, a phone, a camera to capture some moments from life, sunglasses, bedspreads or a towel on which you can lie, an exchangeable swimsuit.


What would be your dream holiday destination?

I want it to be the ocean or the sea, mountains. Maybe Georgia. A lot of fruits. My dream is to pick persimmon from the tree and eat it. Of course, this is not just one idea of a perfect vacation. It can also be the Maldives and what an active holiday. In the near future, or rather in the fall, I plan to go with my parents to Georgia by car. There just will be warm, mountains, persimmons. Incredible. It can also be coast, mango, bike, surfing (never skated, I dream of trying). Like when it's not particularly hot, the temperature is about 23-26 degrees.

What three things would you want with you if you were stranded on the uninhabited island?

The camera, because I have to make the vlogs. Computer, because I need to mount somewhere. Well, wi-fi. Three is too little, but imagine that there is a wi-fi on the uninhabited island, a miracle of technology. Then I take a computer, a camera and my mother. I hope there will be mangoes, then life was a success.

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