Bella Hadid described how she stays in shape

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One of the most sexy models of our time shared frank photos and revealed the secrets of beauty

 Каникулы Беллы Хадид, Кендалл Дженнер и Хейли Болдуин на яхте

One of the sexiest models of the new generation, Bella Hadid loves to be photographed in a bikini. It seems that in her Instagram profile you can find about a hundred photos, in which the girl demonstrates an incredibly beautiful body. For example, last weekend, the youngest Hadid again rested on the coast with her friend Kendall Jenner. The girls did not miss the opportunity to make some frank staff.

By the way, she herself repeatedly said that she does not have to make great efforts to stay in shape. She loves pizza and hamburgers and eats them almost every day! The reason for which the model remains slim, Bella calls a good metabolism and flawless heredity - after all, her mother Yolanda Hadid also looks great. However, training in the life of the girl is still present. Bella loves cardio and yoga and still gets rid of extra centimeters (if they suddenly appear) with the help of swimming. Before important displays the model uses scrubs and makes wraps with clay, but on strict diets the girl never sat in contrast to her older sister Gigi who had to lose weight for Victoria's Secret show in a very short time.
Let's remember all the candid photos of Bella and continue to prepare for the beach season.

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