5 facts about Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 collection

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 After last year's cruise show in Brazil, fans of Nicolas Ghesquiere were eagerly awaiting the Louis Vuitton show in Japan. French fashion house expectations did not disappoint. I present you with 5 facts you need to know about this collection.


The Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 show was held in the Miho Museum, hiding in the wooded mountains and from panoramic windows which offer a magnificent view. The museum itself is almost entirely made of glass and effectively contrasts with nature around. By the way,Leoh Ming Pei, an American architect of Chinese origin, author of the Louvre pyramid, designed it. Guests of the show Louis Vuitton compared this place with a spacecraft that suddenly descended to Earth. 


Japan as inspiration

The venue of the show predetermined the mood of the collection, in every image of which some or other references from Japanese history, fashion or art were read. From the details of the samurai costume and make-up of the actors of the Kabuki Theater to flowers from Kurosawa's films and prints from the clothes of ordinary fishermen.


Kansai Yamamoto
A separate dedication in the collection were quotes from the work of Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto (author of shocking suits by David Bowie). Nicolas Ghesquiere, who has long and methodically bought up Kansai Yamamoto's clothes at auctions, used prints from his works in his collection.

Strong cutting

One of the key details in the collection were jackets with a narrow waist and an accentuated shoulder line, it was exactly such a cut that Ghesquiere preferred while working in Balenciaga. Fans of Louis Vuitton already call them their main favorites in the collection.  
First row

The main guest of the Louis Vuitton show was Kansai Yamamoto himself, his bright red suit was hard to miss among the more restrained outfits. To support Ghesquiere in Japan came his close friends and musicians Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Williams and Isabelle Huppert. 



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