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Все, что вам нужно знать о Бритт Робертсон 

My new favorite is Britt Robertson. 27-year-old star of the Netflix TV series "Girlboss", which tells the inspiring story of Sophia Amoruso. Sophia in  23 years could not tolerate when she was shown at work and founded her own store of modified vintage clothing Nasty Gal. Britt is expressive and self-willed on the screen and in everyday life, a typical representative of the new generation, also does not like being told.


As a child, Robertson performed at the Green Theater in North Carolina and at age 12 with her grandmother went to Los Angeles. At first nothing happened and she was advised to return home. Even when, after two years of unsuccessful attempts, the grandmother returned to Carolina, leaving a stubborn teenager in the city of angels in proud solitude, Brit continued to pester the thresholds of castings.


 From time to time, she was lucky to star in a pilot series of some low-budget series, most of which never saw the light. Then there was a couple of shows, barely surviving in the TV-only one season and three low-budget projects. But Britt did not lose confidence and slowly walked to the dream.

 Эйса Баттерфилд и Бритт Робертсон в фильме «Космос между нами»
 Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson in the film "The Space Between Us"

After the series "The Secret Circle" in 2012, Robertson became the Tommy Girl ambushadora - the youth line of the Hilfiger. But in the international arena she still remained unnoticed until she starred in the fantasy film "Tomorrowland" with George Clooney, released in 2015.


 Бритт Робертсон и Томми Хиллфигер на Vogue Fashion Night’s Out
  Britt Robertson and Tommy Hilfiger on Vogue Fashion Night Out 

 After 15 years of castings and little-known soap operas and soap operas, Britt won a major role in the TV series "Girlboss." Among the producers, not only the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, whose story formed the basis for the TV show, but also Sharon Stone.  
Бритт Робертсон в сериале «Начальница»  Britt Robertson in the TV series "Girlboss"

The second loud project this year for Robertson was "The Space Between Us" (already released on February 2) - a touching story about a boy born on Mars and falling in love with a girl from Earth, her then played Britt.

Britt Robertson is in love with the cinema and exclusively in it. The girl does not go to parties and does not post pictures with a cocktail in her hand - in her instagram only work, shooting days and touching meetings with friends in the light of a white day.In the chronicle, she also appears selectively. Only at the premiere of their own projects, the art evenings of Louis Vuitton or the premiere of Dior documentaries. Outwardly, she reminds Jennifer Lawrence but prefers to wear not only open shoulders but also dresses above the knee. And if in the beginning of 2010 Britt was a classic blonde then today she is not bothered by the more natural blond color of her hair and with such zeal for proper arrangements.

 In Fendi at the premiere of the series "Girlboss", 2017

In Chanel at the premiere of the movie "Mr. Church" on Tribeca 2016

 At the premiere of the movie "Mother's Day", 2016


In Fausto Puglisi at the premiere of "Tomorrowland", 2015

 At the premiere of "Tomorrowland", 2015

CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards, 2015

At the premiere of the film "Long road", 2015



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