Dior Cruise 2018

by - 8:32 AM

With the arrival of Maria Grazia Chiuri as Creative Director at Christian Dior, the brand is increasingly talking about strong women and the T-shirts of the current spring-summer collection with feminist slogans have become sales hits. In the new season, Chiuri continues in the language of fashion to talk about important things. Her first cruise collection for Christian Dior is dedicated to wildlife, living in the California desert and naturally to women who remained fragile and feminine despite everything.

The key source of inspiration for Chiuri was the rock carvings found during the discovery of the Lascaux cave. They talk about the beginning of human history, reflect the connection with nature and at the same time mark the birth of primitive art. In 1951, it was their Christian Dior used in the development of prints for the collection of Ovale and after half a century they returned to the works of Chiuri. 


 "Thoughts about this primitive, ancient femininity that has not lost touch with the natural magic did not leave me," says Chiuri. "In the modern female image, that wild, almost animal spirit dissolved that shamanic intuition that Clarissa Pinkola Estes described in her book Running with the Wolves "Thus, images of ancient wolves and other prehistoric animals found her embodiment in prints adorned with silk jacquard and the imprints of women's hands turned into skilful embroidery.



 Also, Chiuri did not ignore the details, without which it is difficult to imagine the California desert. These are wide-brimmed hats, capes like the Navajo Indians, fringe and small decor of colored beads. The collection was both feminine and strong. Such a woman needs a modern woman who knows exactly what she wants.


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