What to wear to a music festival

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he season of the Open Airs began. Fashionable instruction specially for you

Outside the window is April, which means that the time of music festivals is slowly but surely approaching. The next weekend will be held Coachela, and in June we are waiting for Glastonbury, but even if you are not going to go "over the hill" to spend a couple of crazy days in the dance, prepare for the season of concerts in the open - you need a lot of festivals in the city "Poster" has even announced a line-up) and it's necessary to look appropriately fashionable.Ideal - a set with a bright, memorable print. Leggings and top Balenciaga here will not let you down: a romantic print and a trendy silhouette, which can be better for dancing under the moon. If you are intimidated by the combination of colors, in the spring-summer collection of Valentino there are fine suits with an Art Deco print: daggers, hearts and crystals will give an image of strict romanticism.

 Botines Acne, € 550. Leggins and top Balenciaga, € 695 and € 645. The Gucci chain, € 765. Shorts and top Valentino, £ 470 and £ 470. Stella McCartney Points, £ 250

 If the kit is too serious for you and you prefer comfort and simplicity, choose a white T-shirt but with a very fashionable statement like Stella McCartney. Pants with stripes worn over slippers or sneakers.

 T-shirt Stella McCartney, € 595. Paddles smacks, the price on demand, boutiques Prada. Gucci Trousers, € 590. Bag Stella McCartney, € 900. Gucci sweatshirt, € 980. Sneakers Puma, € 89

If the pink color confuses and you want to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions, the ideal option for you is a military body with short shorts. Shorts necessarily shorter so that the body from under them coquettishly peeking.

 Hat of Federica Moretti, € 255. Sandals Sanayi 313, € 796. Bodyweight Alix, £ 146. Points Linda Farrow, £ 184. Shorts Vetements, € 850

To go to a music festival without a fashionable raincoat, do not even think. Cowboy boots are always five, even if they are white. 

 Boots of Maison Margiela. Cloak of Isabel Marant. Stella McCartney skirt. Blouse Balmain. Botilions Maison Margiela.

 And what is the festival without dresses? The five most fashionable below.

 Valentino. Red Valentino, £ 688. Marcus Lupfer, £ 400. Magda Butrym, £ 938

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