Forever young shorts

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Coachella in the summer wardrobe
Вечно молодые короткие шорты 

  Coachella has once again proved that the love of short denim shorts, on which the fabric goes less than the bandanna, "do not suffocate, do not kill." This is very specific, but still a classic. Chloe Sevigny wears them, like a goddess, all her life - from adolescence to today's 40's with a tail. She did not come to the festival this year, but there are enough "revelations" without her - in the shorts barely covering her shame, every second hippy guest.

Coachella 2017 Coachella 2017

Вечно молодые короткие шорты

Coachella is only teased with sunny photos and California weather is not divisible. Nothing, there will be a holiday in our latitudes, for which it is better to prepare in advance by buying short shorts or cutting off your favorite jeans. In the daytime in the city, only carefree teenagers are allowed to go to such people. But a party, a country trip is quite another matter. Here everyone can have fun, if the body is ready (the "minus" length is a very demanding thing). In this regard, for someone bought in advance shorts can be an incentive to work on themselves. Here are seven fashion motivators.



 Saint Laurent

Rag & Bone
Alexander Wang


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