Interview with the Ukrainian model Polina Park

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Polina Park is a successful Ukrainian model, a blogger and just a wonderful person. I'm very glad that I know a person like her. Thanks to modeling she was able to prove herself and began to shoot video on Youtube.
  Acquainted with Poline closer I've known how kind she is, positive and incredibly inspiring.

When You Were A Child, What Did You Dream You’d Become?

  "I realized that I needed something to answer to adults and every time I invented something new." The land surveyor (like parents), a lawyer, a clown (it's just fun)I never wanted to be a model. I remember that when I was 12 years old, on Ukrainian TV there was a program called "Masha and Models", something like the Ukrainian version of "America’s Next  Top Modeland" my mother used to say "Look. See ". I did not understand why and only when she explained to me that I could become a model in the future because I was tall and she calls me mediocrity, so especially I have no talents or inclinations. Modeling was an opportunity to prove myself and thanks to this I started to shoot video for YouTube. I would not try, if I did not travel so much. There were not a lot of useful information for people. I have a lot of ideas, I do not know if I can call it talent, but I really like to shoot. "


 Is it difficult to sustain the work of the model psychologically?

 "Yes, the work of the model is complicated but I can not say that only psychologically but also physically, too. When during the Fashion Week you do not get a month to sleep ... I did not have such a tough schedule, but I saw how the girls who worked hard every day for a month each minute is canceled. You are traveling all the time, you come home at one o'clock in the morning. On the show that starts at 9 am and you need to get up at 5am. And psychologically and physically it is complicated. You always think why you were not chosen for this or that show and there is no support next to you, a person with whom you can chat, take your mind off. I realized that there are no rules in this business and no one ever knows who is working, who is in the trend. I will say that this year there were many Asian girls and dark-skinned girls and  like me less . If I'm in Paris and have little work, then I just walk around the city and feel like a traveler. "


  It would be interesting to know how the casting for shooting / showing takes place. Can you describe the process?

 "Usually, the more influential the brand, the fewer girls are in casting. But there are exceptions. Let's say when I had a casting for Calvin Klein, there were girls 20-30. But when there was a casting for Giorgio Armani there were girls 500. Usually casting directors select models in advance. On which they want to see. This is called casting with a request. And it happens that they invite a large number of girls. Therefore, the big queues and have to wait for 5-6 hours. But when you came to the casting, you are waiting for your turn. Then you change shoes, while you still need to be well-dressed, in this outfit. Which will be stylish and emphasize your figure. After that, you go to the casting director, where together with him the designer, the stylist and for them you defile. You can be told "Thank you, Bye", or call for fitting right away.
Then you leave and after that you have 20 castings.Always, when I need to shoot a video, I think - "I constantly shoot castings. Has come, has left. In fact, what many bloggers are doing. Resembles "House 2". But I hope that what I shoot I will not bother anyone and everyone will be interested. "


What was the parents' reaction to the fact that you want to become a model?

 "Parents are very supportive of me because they like that I spend a lot of time abroad + traveling. And about modeling, YouTube. Sometimes they say "Polina, start exhibiting photos in Instagram, in 10 days only 3 photos. I have very very cool parents"



I know that you are the person who uses the healthy food. Can you tell us a little about your diet?

 In modeling, no one watches who eats what, but you need to keep the form always, no matter where you are now, what season it is now. You have to constantly control yourself. Think what you can eat and what not. I eat healthy foods not because I'm a model, but because we eat like that in our family. Models often eat all sorts of junk food simply because they like it. I envy people who eat and do not get fat. I'm still in bad luck and I have to think about what I'm eating. For breakfast, I eat fruit, for lunch, either first or second. Mostly it's vegetarian dishes, but I'm not a vegetarian. I came to the fact that I will rarely eat meat, fish, but I will not ascribe myself to vegetarians .. And for dinner salad or tea with fruit (dried fruit). In general, the diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. I like it so much, the food gives a lot of energy and I'm happy.


 What is your most characteristic trait?

"Difficult to praise yourself. But I can say that it's patient enough, especially at work. I thought early that all the girls are like that, because you come to work as if it were not cold, do not feed you, give you a rest or not, you have to endure. Once you get paid for it. If you can not ask for something, be patient, work. After all, the less you complain the longer you stay on this place. I met many models that just whine, it's not pleasant to work with them and many people with whom I worked, not models, but let's say assistants to designers, they gave feedback about me and said that I'm very patient and do not make hysterics, I was not always good at being in the mood, I try to be positive. Because all people get tired and if you think that the designer works for 8 hours and does not get tired. Then you are wrong. At work, you need to give all 100.
I noticed for myself that, as if everything was bad, I always look for pros. Not to convince or calm yourself, everything happens on a subconscious level. Suppose when I went to New York City with a bicycle in a storm warning, it was somewhere -2 degrees. I'm cycling right along the road. But blows me to the left. And no matter how bad it was at that moment, I enjoyed the beauty of the city. "

What is happiness for you?

 Happiness for me is the moments in life. I enjoy life when run in the mornings. Leave home the song Pentatonix-Hallelujah. 6 am , the street is still coold, deserted road and no one else. Road 3 km long and this road inspires me. I greeted the dawn. Field . With me running my dog. And my every day begins with such happiness. The more you have in your life those moments the more you feel happiness inside. I recently bought a phone, that is material happiness. I get pleasure from it. Of course not every time when you take it in hand, but when you realize that it's my phone and it is very cool. I feel happy playing tennis with dad in the evenings, talking with parents or people closest to me. Every moments in life is happiness.


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