Fashionable addiction: Bella Hadid swimsuits

by - 7:54 AM

We learn to wear them with various decorations on the body, a neck scarf and hats

Love for swimwear from Bella Hadid - clearly from my mother. The most famous shooting in Yolanda Foster's career was exactly beach. But the daughter clearly intends to bypass her. In Bella's instagram, the photo in the swimsuit appears much more often than the selfie, and it seems that she tries twice not to put on the same one. Or is it a forced measure, in view of the fact that the bathing wardrobe of the model is great, but you want to "walk" all.

 Whether it's Mexico, Jamaica or the Bahamas, swimsuits are always different, and Bella has them at least 30. Fused, separate, with deliberately inflated waist, wicker-bodied kits, velvet, decorated with cockleshells or even the name of a beloved sister.

Bella wears swimsuits with hats, scarves, various decorations on the body, with pareos and hats. I propose to take a look at you, and take note of some of the looks for yourself.


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