Fashionable underwear 2017

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Fashionable underwear: bras with shoulder straps and pitted

Wear a lower show and "top" underwear when lace brat-tops and tops-bustier are worn over blouses, shirts and even sweaters. In the new material I tell about fashionable bras for open dresses and how to wear sconces not only under clothes, but also to make a harmonious and integral part of a stylish look.

Perhaps start with the important news: frank push-up went out of fashion. Of course, in 2017, it is still appropriate to wear tight underwear . These bras are mainly designed to wear them with white shirts, turtlenecks, tight clothing, under which the contours of the underwear should not be guessed.


 Let's call them "basic classics" of underwear. Such bras do not go out of fashion, but they can not be made visible by the surrounding part of the wardrobe either.

Topshop, £14

 As for the trends, then everything looks more romantic. In fashion, light, thin, translucent (and even completely transparent) sexy underwear without "pits" and push-up. However, "bones" are still present in many models of fashionable bras, but from the "unfashionable" they are distinguished by a soft cup and design: lace, an abundance of thongs, straps and cross straps.

 Topshop, £8

 For every day, fashionable brassieres without pips and push-ups in a sporting style, or even sports sconces and soft bras with shallow cups in the form of a triangle (for a small breast) will do.

 NO KA OI, £50

 So, with what to wear all these fashionable bras? Let's start with the simplest: a lace bra or bra-top is put under a loose shirt, blouse, tunic, sweater, cardigan or sweetshot so that the bra peeps slightly. Ideally with a shoulder on one side.

The second way is for the brave. Take the example of Kendall Jenner, her friends of top models and the Kardashian family and confidently put on a lacy brat-top or bra on a white T-shirt, shirt or jumper. It is important that the bra has a wide base corset part that makes it look like a shortened top combination or top bustier

 And, finally, an option for women with an enviable press and a thin waist: we wear a sports bra or simple bra without push-ups and "stones" as a separate crop-top (it's good if the bra is like a short jersey with thick or thin straps / Bando). From above you can throw a large denim jacket, light trench coat or kimono unbuttoned. Well, or afford a completely transparent top, which in combination with a simple and sexually not accented bra will look quite appropriate.



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