The Statement T-Shirt

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Gucci, Vetements, Levi’s… You name it! There was hardly a designer that didn’t bring out at least one Logo Tee in this past season. Showing off with big names on one’s chest became a huge trend. The Streetstyles at the past Fashion Weeks were overflowed with extraordinary looks consisting of Logo T-Shirts, worn tucked into high waisted skirts or mum jeans, with a big coat thrown over and some fancy high heels as the perfect counterpart for the sporty top section. Until recently it was completely proscribed to wear a ‘usual’ oversized Tee somewhere else than in one’s four walls, but as soon as this trend arrived, we became big fans of it! 

For the upcoming Spring/Summer season, let me predict you an extension of that trend; but this time it’s not logos in particular, but all kinds of messages that are flaunting on our T-Shirts. Either it’s bold graphics or expressive phrases – the Statement T-Shirt is a must-have piece now! Written or in a graphic or symbolized way, we are making statements. Easily adapted to the wardrobe the Statement T-Shirt is a very versatile piece and that’s exactly why we love it so much. For you, I picked some of our favorite pieces and put together an outfit of how we are embarking on the trend this season. There is only one rule that needs to be followed: Don’t be reluctant to be bold (and maybe even provocative) – because that’s what the Statement T-Shirt is all about!
statement t-shirt 

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 GANNI ’Peach Me’ T-Shirt // ZARA ”Beautiful Rebel’ Destroyed T-Shirt // ZOE KARSSEN ‘Sucker’ Tee // SANDRO ‘Namaste’ T-Shirt // MANGO ‘Pink Addict’ T-Shirt

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 LEVI’S ‘Ex-Boyfriend Tucker’ // ALISHA Metallic Pumps // NEVER FULLY DRESSED ‘Boob Tee’ // ZARA Asymmetrical Skirt with Stripes // LAZZARINI City Bag

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