Kendall and Kylie’s Revolve Swimsuits Just Dropped

by - 5:25 AM

If you're trying to turn heads, stop traffic, and make jaws hit the floor on the beach this summer, then Kendall and Kylie Jenner's capsule swimsuit collection with Revolve will definitely get the job done. They've got tiny bikinis and extremely cutout one-pieces that will get you all of the attention this summer.

There are 23 designs to choose from, and the price point is pretty approachable. You'll find cheeky bikini bottoms with the girls' name printed across the waistband for $45. And at the other end of the spectrum, is a zip-front one-piece with mesh panels, which is going for $165.

 "The bathing suit styles we designed for this collection are sexy and fun," Kendall explains on Revolve's website. "The red one piece with the American flag is one of my favorites." Kylie says she's in love with the neon pink bikini, and she really can't get enough of the one-pieces. Keep scrolling to see which swimsuit you like the best.

Kendall + Kylie x Revolve USA One pIece 

1. x Revolve USA One Piece

Kendall + Kylie | $125



2. x Revolve Mesh One Piece

Kendall + Kylie | $165

Kendall + Kylie | $85

 x Revolve Colorblock Top

Kendall + Kylie | $55

x Revolve Triangle Bikini Top 

5. x Revolve Triangle Bikini Top

Kendall + Kylie | $67




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