Life in pink. Fashion ideas of the most delicate shade

by - 3:43 AM

The color of cotton candy, hearts-emoji and those same sunglasses, which are long overdue. Why pink is the new black and how to wear it this summer.

Loved by all the little girls, a tender pink shade almost disappears from our wardrobes when we grow up. And in vain, this color of dreams is more relevant than ever. Raspberry dresses, fuchsia sandals, powdery-pink shirts and pajama suits of salmon shade have won the hearts of designers and fashionistas around the world.


If you are not yet ready to collect a monochrome pink outfit, start with accessories. Golfs, bags, belts and soft-colored baseball caps will take you to the world of dreams and make an image child-like carefree.


By the way, the love for pink embraced not only the fashion designers - the colorists also do not lag behind. Pink strands have already been tried on by Gigi Hadid, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry, Rihanna and many others.


Therefore, drink your gently pink beet latte and be inspired by my selection of images of the most girlish color.♥










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